High varnish levels are undesirable for any close tolerance equipment.

BioKem Oil Services have the largest varnish mitigation systems in Australia, units that work effectively on reducing varnish rapidly in even the largest of lube oil systems.

Our systems remove soluble varnish from both warm oil and suspended varnish from cool oil. Varnish (also known as lacquer, sludge, or tar) is a detrimental by-product of oxidation, additive drop-out and thermal degradation of lube oil. Certain system designs and operational conditions (such as high oil temperature, electrostatic spark discharge, high oil flow rates, etc.) contribute to the rapid formation of varnish in oil.

Varnish Removal System

Ideal For:

  • Removing suspended and plated varnish from LO systems whilst the oil is hot or cool.


  • Reduce the need for expensive outages by using Australia‚Äôs largest lube oil varnish removal system (VRS)
  • Highest flow rate varnish treatment systems in Australia

Optional Features:

  • BioKem VRS units also complete particle contamination removal (equipped with high efficiency microglass filters)
  • Resin media can be tailored for specific lubrication systems

Varnish Removal System