BioKem Oil Services provides filtration services for a number of its customers with the oil being polished in our Depot prior to it being delivered to the site. This ensures that the oil is pre-filtered and batch certified cleaned to the required OEM standard.

During the manufacturing process, new oil can get dirty. Next time that you see a tote of brand-new oil arrive from the supplier, crack the lid, and have a look in the top hatch. If the oil is clear you may see at the bottom the by-product of the manufacturing process – a layer of dirt.

  • If you cannot see into the tote when its full, then find a recently emptied tote and see what’s in there.
  • That dirt will damage close tolerance machinery and must be removed before service.
  • In addition to the layer of dirt you can see, the oil will hold more in suspension, so don’t be fooled that the dirt isn’t making it into your machinery.

Lubrication Oil Filtration

Lubricants in modern close tolerance rotational assets are designed to do several things aside from reduce friction. Lubricants also carry away wear debris, reduce temperature, impede corrosion, and transmit power.


Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification System

Our Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification System (VDOPS) is manufactured in the USA and is the gold-standard for oil purification today. It exceeds outcomes delivered by equivalent centrifugal process systems at removing all forms of moisture,


Commissioning and Shutdowns/Turnaround

BioKem Oil Services attends site to assist our clients and constructors to achieve maximum equipment reliability while also minimizing unscheduled future downtime to their lubrication oil.