The heat transfer fluid (HTF) system of a production process plant is the beating heart of the operation, so it must be well monitored and maintained.

Regular samples should be taken to monitor and confirm the quality of the oil in the heat transfer system.At some point, a hot oil or HTF system will require system maintenance or clean out depending on operational requirements.


It may not be as simple as just changing out the heat transfer fluid and consideration should be given to items like:

  • Number and location of system drain points – is fluid going to be trapped?
  • Time frame available for cleaning or changeover – do I have a plan?
  • Condition and compatibility of existing fluid – does the system need to be cleaned out, filtered, or flushed?
  • Your manpower to perform the work – how much time can I afford to lose.
  • Product disposal – what do I do with the used heat transfer fluid?

Lubrication Oil Filtration

Lubricants in modern close tolerance rotational assets are designed to do several things aside from reduce friction. Lubricants also carry away wear debris, reduce temperature, impede corrosion, and transmit power.


Commissioning and Shutdowns/Turnaround

BioKem Oil Services attends site to assist our clients and constructors to achieve maximum equipment reliability while also minimizing unscheduled future downtime to their lubrication oil.


Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification System

Our Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification System (VDOPS) is manufactured in the USA and is the gold-standard for oil purification today. It exceeds outcomes delivered by equivalent centrifugal process systems at removing all forms of moisture,