BioKem Oil Services attends site to assist our clients and constructors to achieve maximum equipment reliability while also minimizing unscheduled future downtime to their lubrication oil.

By combining industry-leading equipment and professional, knowledgeable staff, BioKem Oil Services provides a best-practice solution for lubrication oil (lube oil) and fuel filtration.

  • We have an extensive fleet of equipment that can be matched to your asset requirements so that lube oil circuitry is flushed effectively removing unwanted contaminants.
  • We can work to the OEM standard or if needed can assist with establishing a suitable procedure and standard.
  • BioKem has experience in flushing industry assets across the Australian power, gas, hydraulic and rotational turbomachinery sector.
  • If you need support with this – chances are we have done it!

OEM Equivalent Filter Replacements

BioKem can supply high quality filters or replacements and can provide customised filters for systems conditions that require specialised filters. The use of high-quality filters is a must to keep close tolerance systems clean of contaminants.


Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Filters

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) occurs in lube oil systems incur issues due to friction between the fluid and system components. ESD affects the lube oil properties and can damage system components and filter media.


Paddle Flushing Screens

When commissioning a new asset, or returning an existing system back online after a maintenance period, it is important to install 100 mesh screen strainers in the lube oil bearing feeds.