The harmful effects of particulate and moisture contamination in lubrication oils have been well documented.  By maintaining absolute fluid cleanliness, end-users can dramatically increase the life of critical wear components on rotational equipment, also increase the life of the lubricant and minimizing downtime and maximizing profitability.  We have a wide range of Portable Filtration Systems intended for use for fluid transfer (new oil from 208l drums) or kidney-loop filtration. They are the most reliable, versatile, durable, and user-friendly filter carts in the industry today.  These units have filtration media ranging from spin on canister type, depth media, and high value microglass filter consumables.


  • Flow Rates Range From 5lpm to 100lpm
  • Particulate Removal – Achieve Very Low Particle Counts As Low As ISO 15/14/11 or better Utilizing High Efficiency Pleated Microglass Filter Elements Rated Beta(c)>1000 per ISO 16889
  • Water Removal – Remove Free Water Utilizing Water-Removal Filter Elements (Absorptive Type)
  • Acid Removal Can Be Equipped With Fullers Earth or Activated Alumina Cartridges To Neutralize Acid and Lower TAN
  • Varnish Removal Can Be Equipped With Ion Charged Bonding Cartridges To Remove Insoluble Varnish


  • Self-Priming Positive Displacement Gear Pumps Direct Coupled To TEFC Electric Motors
  • NEMA 4 On-Off Switch - 120V, 1-Phase, 60Hz (Other Options Available)
  • Inlet Suction Strainer For Pump Protection
  • Differential Pressure Gauges For Positive Indication When Filter Elements Are Plugged and Need To Be Changed
  • Upstream/Downstream Oil Sample Ports
  • All Systems Come Standard With (2) 12" Sections of Heavy Duty Petroleum Transfer Hose and Camlock Connections
  • Configurations Include Single or Multiple Filter Housings (Spin-On, Cartridge Style Filter Elements, or Bag Filters)
  • Available On 2-Wheel Dolly or Compact Skid Base with Push-Rail and (4) Casters or Pneumatic Wheels


  • NEMA 4 Electric Control Panel With Plugged Filter Indicator Light and Automatic System Shut-Down
  • Oil Circulation Heater
  • Stainless Steel Wands For Use With 208l Drums
  • Inline Digital Particle Monitor
  • IEC Ex Explosion Proof Components
  • Stainless Steel Wetted Parts
  • 4-Point Lifting Lug Cage Structure


  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Turbine Oil
  • Lubrication Oil
  • Gear Oil (ISO VG 220 ISO VG 680)
  • Transformer Oil

Filter carts