Oil Filtration is essential on today’s modern close tolerance machinery, plant and equipment, oil cleanliness / low particle count is critical for the reliable operation of machinery components such as bearings, gears and hydraulics.

Conducting routine oil sampling & Wear Debris Analysis (WDA) enables you to monitor the lubricant / system condition and current rate of wear, but in well filtered systems a major portion of the wear debris will often be removed by the equipment’s oil filters masking the severity of wear.

  • Used oil filters provide a snap shot of wear debris and contamination that was removed by the filter media giving a recorded history of dirt and debris removed
  • Plus a comprehensive assessment of machine wear that has occurred over the time line since the last oil filter was installed.
  • Filter Debris Analysis (FDA) is able to analyse the wear particles caught in the filter media in their original shape assisting with analysing
  • As most particles are removed by the filter media before being over rolled in the machines gears and bearings.

When equipment failures occur on oil lubricated systems, the oil filter will contain important information that will assist with Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of the failure and the oil filter should be removed, carefully bagged and labelled for later analysis.

BioKem Oil Services conducts oil filter wear debris analysis that has the ability to target specific contaminants for concise reporting of the particles.

WDA or Ferrogram tests are conducted depending upon the lubricant type and issues occurring in the system.

These images display some of the filter types BioKem Oil Services has completed filter debris analysis on.

Lubrication Oil Filtration

Lubricants in modern close tolerance rotational assets are designed to do several things aside from reduce friction. Lubricants also carry away wear debris, reduce temperature, impede corrosion, and transmit power.


Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification System

Our Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification System (VDOPS) is manufactured in the USA and is the gold-standard for oil purification today. It exceeds outcomes delivered by equivalent centrifugal process systems at removing all forms of moisture,


Commissioning and Shutdowns/Turnaround

BioKem Oil Services attends site to assist our clients and constructors to achieve maximum equipment reliability while also minimizing unscheduled future downtime to their lubrication oil.