BioKem’s low-watt immersion heaters are designed for use on mineral and synthetic oil systems where oils and fluids require heating to lessen viscosity, whilst maintaining a consistent flow rate. These heater units are low maintenance and easy to install ensuring an efficient and easily regulated transfer or kidney loop oil heating system.  Customised options are available to meet your application requirements.

Our 32kw to 66kw circulation (inline) heaters regulate and control fluid temperature and viscosity at a steady and measured flow rate in which the temperature can be modulated by the operator.


Features & Benefits

  • Thermostatic control
  • Over temperature cut-out
  • Flashing light to indicate operation
  • Low wattage heater element for heating of oil
  • Mounted to custom trolley
  • Wattage regulator to obtain desired temperature

Lubricant Oil Heaters