Lubricants in modern close tolerance rotational assets are designed to do several things aside from reduce friction.  Lubricants also carry away wear debris, reduce temperature, impede corrosion, and transmit power.  Lubricants perform best when they are free of particulates and moisture allowing your asset to run longer, with less downtime, wear, and heat.

BioKem supplies static solutions, such as kidney loop filtration systems, to assist onboard filters with managing contaminants, keeping the oil clean and dry.  We also can complete field service roles using larger or specialist equipment to remove particles, moisture, and varnish.

Some of these roles require the use of heat and high velocity flushing of circuits (hot oil flushing).  Whatever your lubrication oil filtration requirements, allow us to tailor a solution for you, for world class results:

Varnish Removal System

High varnish levels are undesirable for any close tolerance equipment. BioKem Oil Services have the largest varnish mitigation systems in Australia, units that work effectively on reducing varnish rapidly in even the largest of lube oil systems.


Fuel Filtration

BioKem Oil Services conducts commissioning roles for newly fabricated lines ensuring that new pipework is clean and ready to receive fuel.


Viscosity correction

BioKem Oil Services can blend lube oils for viscosity correction that have an impaired viscosity, or for applications where a different viscosity is required.