What we do?

BioKem offers a comprehensive service, where our engineers attend onsite, to assist you in achieving your lubricant cleanliness targets, using programs of hot oil flushing, by-pass purification, ESP varnish mitigation or additive packages where required, to rejuvenate oil to better than new standards.
We have chosen to use “Best of Breed” technology and equipment, to meet your plants specific requirements.
If you are looking to hot oil flush, renewal or anti-oxidant rejuvenation of your Turbine, Compressor or Hydraulic System, we have the tools and solutions to assist you in achieving your lubrication targets.
Our VDOPS system is the Gold Standard, and exceeds outcomes delivered by equivalent centrifugal process systems, at removing free, emulsified and soluble water, gas impurities and particulate contaminants, in Critical and Rotating Asset lubrication systems. The VDOPS isn’t restricted with additive packages of high density, or greater density of the parent oil, such as molybdenum and extreme pressure additive packages.