The client operates three (3) GE LM6000 Gas Turbines and one Dresser-Rand Steam Turbine

Topic:Water and Particulate Contamination

ASSET: Steam Turbine Lube Oil Reservoir

Water and Particulate Oil Contamination


The client operates three (3) GE LM6000 Gas Turbines and one Dresser-Rand Steam Turbine. The four (4) units put out a combined output of approximately 180 MW of power. In January of 2012, the Dresser-Rand Steam Turbine’s Rotor was removed for rotor work. The turbine was covered to protect it from the environment, however, a heavy rain storm occurred, and rain water entered into the turbine oil reservoir and contaminated approximately 12,000 liters of ISO 32 Turbine Oil. Water contaminated the turbine and elevated the water in oil concentration to over 6,000 PPM which made the oil look visibly milky. At 6,000 PPM the rate of oil oxidation and machine bearing wear is increased by a factor of 10. We deployed two Field Service Technicians and a Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification System (VDOPS) unit.
gas turbine oil purifying


The VDOPS uses state-of-the-art filtration technology to lower water in oil concentrations in turbine oils to 45 PPM or lower. The system also uses the latest filtration media to lower particulate contamination to meet or exceed new oil cleanliness specifications, typically at ISO 16/13/10 or lower. The VDOPS systems are simple to operate and only use electricity to remove particulate, dissolved gases and water from oils. The systems are virtually maintenance free and are designed to run continuously 24/7 in any environment.


Work started on Wednesday, February 1, and was completed on Friday, February 3. The VDOPS system ran for approximately 36 hours straight, while water levels dropped from over 6,000 PPM to under 45 PPM (see below for oil analysis water reduction). Particulate was lowered from 18/16/14 to 15/13/10; see page (3) for Particulate Removal / Oil Analysis Results. These results were verified by an on-sight Portable Fluid Analysis Kit (PFAK). The PFAK enabled our technicians to know how fast the system was cleaning the fluid and enabled the customer to visually see the results. This on-sight awareness brought confidence to the client as they could also see the results in real-time and be part of the oil analysis process. The client witnessed the system purifying the oil both by viewing the VDOPS in operation and also by an On-Sight Fluid Analysis Kit.
Particulate Removal Oil Analysis Results


The Client was very pleased to have same day response time and to know BioKem Staff were professional, courteous and will do nothing less than consistently perform professional filtration services each and every time.

Turbine Fluid Analysis Report

Oil Fluid Analysis Report

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Turbine Oil Particle Report

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