Oil Services

BioKem’s versatile fleet of industry-leading equipment and many years of experience in Australian industries gives us broad sweeping lube oil services capabilities.

In Australia there is an abundant need for lubrication excellence. Our technicians can perform oil analysis and testing to aid in the design of a best-fit solution to any lubrication fluid filtration requirement.

BioKem can service the following areas:

Turbine and Compressor Oil Services

Water Removal/Mitigation

Lube Oil Filtration and Purification

Oil Rejuvenation with Additives

Varnish Mitigation

Hot Oil Flushing

Lube Tank Cleaning

Our particular proficiency in the following roles makes BioKem principally involved in servicing:

Australia's leading Pressure Testing


BioKem works with Australia’s leading Pressure Testing and NDT experts to provide those supplementary services that complement our role. ¬†Below are some of the skills that APTS provide in support of us. See www.apts.com.au