Oil Analysis

BioKem has extensive experience in the analysis of hydraulic, turbine, compressor and gear oils.

Oil Analysis tests include

  • Viscosity (ASTM D445)
  • Remaining Useful life (ASTM D6810 and ASTM D6971)
  • Oil cleanliness (ISO 4406)
  • Water contamination (parts per million)
  • Membrane Patch Colorimetry (MPC) ASTM D7843 – varnish potential

An effective oil analysis program should provide 3 key insights

  • Oil condition
  • Oil contamination
  • Machine condition

Oil condition – indicates when to change the oil, so as to not change the oil too early, or too late when excessive wear may be caused to the machine.

Oil contamination – indicates when to take action to remove harmful contaminant before it degrades the lubricant and risks equipment reliability.

Machine condition – trending oil analysis results has a direct link to machine condition. Oil analysis allows immediate action to prevent catastrophic failure by providing the early warning signs of increasing wear.

BioKem Oil Analyse Service

BioKem offer oil analysis using instruments that are designed to provide accurate, fast and reliable results governed by official ISO and ASTM testing standards.

The BioKem advantage is that it measures how good the oil still is, not how bad the oil has become. This is true condition monitoring; there is no need to wait for degradation to occur and then measure how bad the oil has become.

All lubricants are monitored to determine the current condition and then results are combined with previous results to provide a lubricant condition trend.

Laboratory oil analysis reports are issued for all tests and recommendations provided to identify when lubricant restoration is required.

Pre-paid oil analysis kits

BioKem offers pre-paid oil analysis kits which are supplied to customers in advance of oil analysis. The kits include all necessary elements to supply an oil for analysis.

Customers return the 200ml bottle filled with the oil they wish to analyse, along with the completed oil analysis form in the mail package provided.