Oil Purification

The Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification Systems (VDOPS) that BioKem operates are the gold standard in lubricant oil filtration and outperforms other systems in Australia. Vacuum dehydrators are extremely efficient at:

VDOPS can operate in kidney loop mode while a plant is still live.

Our extensive fleet of machines of varied sizes and versatile flushing rigs are able to handle practically every lube oil application.


oil purification systems

BioKem’s best-of-breed equipment is sourced from Oil Filtration Systems, Inc. who design and manufacture oil purification machines in the USA.

If you are looking to purchase or rent the best oil filtration equipment on the market then see our sister company, OilQuip.

OilQuip is Oil Filtration Systems Australian vendor.

OilQuip’s line of equipment that is available for rental or purchase includes:


oilquip oil filtration systems