BioKem’s mission is to become Australia’s most trusted and successful

 Lube oil purification specialist

oil cleaning, oil filtration. oil purificationBioKem is backed by a wealth of knowledge derived from industry specialists with over 70 years of experience. We are committed to achieving excellent outcomes for your equipment and strive to set industry standards for professionalism in what we do.
BioKem is supported by a comprehensive, national engineering team with the capacity to offer you the best solution to any oil filtration problem.
We take great pride in our commitment to lubrication excellence and professionalism and back it up with our results.

What We Do

BioKem offers a comprehensive service, where our engineers attend onsite, to assist you in achieving your lubricant cleanliness targets, using programs of hot oil flushing, by-pass purification, ESP varnish mitigation or additive packages where required, to rejuvenate oil to better than new standards.
We have chosen to use “Best of Breed” technology and equipment, to meet your plants specific requirements.
If you are looking to hot oil flush, renewal or anti-oxidant rejuvenation of your Turbine oil, Compressors or Hydraulic System, we have the tools and solutions to assist you in achieving your lubrication targets.

oil filtration equipment

Equipment reliability must be paramount to any large process operation and BioKem aims to optimise the service life of expensive assets by providing lube oil purification services.
We offer a comprehensive service where our engineers attend onsite to assist you in achieving lubricant cleanliness targets. BioKem has chosen to use ‘Best of Breed’ technology and equipment to meet your plant’s specific requirements.

If you are looking to hot oil flush or for additive rejuvenation for your turbine, compressor or hydraulic lubrication system, we have the equipment and the personnel to help you achieve your targets.

Our Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification System (VDOPS) is manufactured in the States and is the gold-standard for oil purification today. It exceeds outcomes delivered by equivalent centrifugal process systems at removing all forms of moisture, gas impurities and particulate contaminants in lubricating and hydraulic fluids. The VDOPS is not restricted by additive packages of high density such as molybdenum and extreme pressure additives.


Our mission is to set the standard in industry professionalism, and deliver outcomes that exceed customer expectation.
Offer lubrication services with proven results in machinery lifecycle longevity and reliability.
Through outstanding Pre-Commissioning, Purification, Analysis and Additive Treatment of lubricants in close tolerance machinery, we strive to deliver a turnkey solution, by consultation and assessment of your plants needs and target requirements.
We follow ‘Best Practice’ in all that we do, and have a continuance of evolution, to further enhance our practices, through staff training and workshops.

We stand by our motto of ‘Professional People – Professional Results’